About us

Aveiro Business Center is a modern services building with 1890 m2 spread over three floors. It is located in a privileged access area, in the parish of Nossa Senhora de Fátima, Aveiro district, between the A17 Mamodeiro interchange and the A1 Aveiro – Sul interchange. It possesses a car park with 90 parking spaces, so you can avoid the stress of finding a parking space in the center city.
The Aveiro Business Center® is a business building consisting of office spaces, meeting rooms, training rooms, auditorium, lounge, art gallery and support restaurant.
With a complete offer of support for business activity, the building stands out for the excellence of the office spaces it has, versatile offices and completely prepared for the development of business.
In addition to the physical offices, the Aveiro Business Center® has virtual office solutions, suitable for start-up companies that carry out activities at home or at clients’ premises, and for foreign companies that wish to develop their activity in Portugal without doing investments in facilities. Keeping the company running at a very low cost, it is possible to enjoy a prestigious address, personalized call service in several languages (Portuguese, Spanish and English), re-routing of telephone calls, receiving and sending correspondence, providing electronic adress, provision of meeting rooms, among other services that can be adapted to the requirements of each company.
As a support to business activity, the Aveiro Business Center® also has three training rooms, three meeting rooms, an auditorium, as well as other complementary services, where the restaurant service, logistical support for events and equipment rental are highlighted . These are excellent spaces and services, ideal for organizing seminars, workshops, exhibitions, trainings and other business events.
All these spaces were conceived to think about the quality and success of the companies and the events to carry out in them. The building is equipped with innovative technological means and furniture of excellence, offering solutions that adapt to the most varied business areas, regardless of the nature of the activity, in a professional, cultural, quiet and suitable to the needs of each company.
The Business Center is aimed to all types of professionals, from liberal professionals, business associations, SMEs and newly created companies, who use the space as an operating or virtual headquarters, as well as large companies wishing to establish a delegation in another region of the country or in our country (foreign entities).
A genuine business center, the Aveiro Business Center® is still a center of networking, capable of fostering contact between customers and creating opportunities and synergies between the companies located here.
We would like to invite you to visit the building and get to know our facilities better!